Welcome to Kahu Shamanic Centre!

Between Raglan and Waingaro (Waikato, New Zealand) 

Open for shamanic healing, Kambo, spirit-walks in the forest‚Äč

What is Shamanism?...considered the oldest psycho-spiritual tradition in the world...

The "Shaman" traverses the multiple levels of reality by way of ecstasy/trance to find and bring back knowledge and healing... 

The term Shaman comes from the Siberian Tungustic Saman--"to see"/"one who is excited". It was simply applied by anthropologists to label the traditional/folk seers & healers of the world. This became the common term to describe these folk.
A common cosmology in shamanism is the concept of the 'Three Worlds' - The 'Lower', 'Middle' & 'Upper' - often represented by animals... Please see the picture above for a South American example (within the Chakana/Andean Cross).
The Shaman may enter one of these worlds - by way of trance - from such methods as: Drumming, Dancing, Dreaming, Plants, Chanting, Sensory Deprivation etc.. They would first explore for themselves and then may enter on behalf of their client - to journey in search of lost pieces of Spirit, Soul, Power, Luck, etc...