About Us
The foundations of Folk Remedies began along my (Glenn) own healing path experiencing energy, plants and healing. After recieving healing and feeling that it worked, there was a passion to start training in New Zealand in Magnetic/Auric/Energy healing, thanks to my teacher who was ready to teach. 
This path kept growing with interest in ancient cultures leading to studies in cultural and medical anthropology.
There was already great interest and desire to study particular South American tradtions. This lead to a trip to Peru, healing ceremonies in Peru, and lots of growth and learing.
This passion and healing path lead to more visits to Peru, more healing and learning these ways and training in various healing modalities. 
It was fitting that I needed to "officially" study in shamanic healing, it seemed I had already read one of my future teacher's books. So it was off to Spain, (via Peru), to study with The Four Gates Foundation and the late Ross Heaven.  This was the push I needed to offer this work in public.

I now offer many private and public healing around New Zealand and at such events as holistic fairs.

I am building Kahu Shamanic Centre, which is now open for healing, Kambo, Spirit walks 

- Glenn Mortimer - Holistic Guide - 

Magnetic Healing apprenticeship, Shamanic Healing apprenticeship-diploma (The Four Gates Foundation), Reiki Master, Kambo IAKP Practitioner, Herbalist in training

Glenn in the Jungle