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Words from Glenn:

I approach healing in a Holistic manner, looking at the self as a Whole - made up of the PhysicalMentalEmotional and Spiritual.

I see this whole being as an accumulation of energies. Everything is Energy.
The nature of energy is Flow. However, sometimes we develop blockages, for example, from stuck emotions or negative thought patterns. These blockages, if left, may develop into health problems.

Ultimately, my method is to move energy toward its natural flow. When there is attention to clearing the old & heavy and inviting the new & light energy in, strength returns.

Everyone has a different manifestation of energy at any one time, therefore I am focused on tailoring each session to suit the unique needs of each client. 

There may be commonalities in each session, however, such as: clearing the Aura of any 'sludge' (enabling me to progress with further work), reading the body, balancing the Chakras, working on specific problem areas and re-energising. 

There may be different elements and techniques implemented at any one time - due to my training in different traditions. However, do let us know if you are sensitive to perfumes, smoke or sound.

- Glenn Mortimer - Holistic Guide - 

Magnetic Healing apprenticeship, Shamanic Healing apprenticeship-diploma (The Four Gates Foundation), Reiki Master, Kambo IAKP Practitioner, Herbalist in training

The services currently available (Note: we are based at Kahu Shamanic Centre, Waikato)

*Magnetic Healing $90/h
*Shamanic Healing $90/h
*Reiki $90
*Kambo $125

*Workshops - Introduction to shamanic healing

*Herbal Balms

We are about Helping You Heal Yourself 
Whatever modality is provided, the energy is the same, it comes from the source and is sent to the client with love 

Working in the light - Glenn​

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